Bench Maji Forest Coffee Producer Farmers Cooperative Union Ltd has started Washing New Coffee Harvest.

The Union has started harvesting and washing this season’s Coffee in three sites since October 2015. Gizmeret, Sheko and Aman are the three Primary Cooperatives where we are washing the Coffee.

2,400,000 kgs red cherry (20 Containers finished) coffee is expected to be processed in the three machineries. These cooperatives are also preparing Natural Coffee side by side. 15 selected  Cooperatives, chosen   during last year’s general assembly meeting, are also preparing sun dried Coffee for export.

 The Union is working to export 20 containers organic certified washed and 10 Containers un washed Coffee for the year 2015/16.



1Geezmeret 2Amann 4Aman 5Aman 6Aman 7Aman 8Aman 9Aman 10Aman 11Aman